August 3, 2023

Lake Vermilion-Ely Boat Lift Installation: Find Boat Lift Types & Dock Options | ShoreMaster

Lake Vermilion-Ely Boat Lift Installation: Find Boat Lift Types & Dock Options | ShoreMaster

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Your Lake Vermilion-Ely ShoreMaster dealer can help you install your boat lift and boat dock systems to ensure the best possible setup for your Minnesota waterfront!

Lake Vermilion-Ely is a great place for your boat dock and waterfront retreat. With your local Lake Vermilion ShoreMaster dealer, make your waterfront dreams a reality!

How To Install a Boat Lift

Start with your boat lift on the shore, and take the opportunity to perform an inspection. When installing a ShoreMaster boat lift, most of the lift’s body is in one piece, making this inspection and installation easier. When you (or the professional you hired to help) are sure that your dock will perform as intended, walk it out into the water and secure it to the shore or your dock.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Boat Lift?

If you’re a handy person with a small group of helpful friends, boat lift installation doesn’t have to cost a thing (other than a couple of pizzas and some drinks for the friends). If you’re using a ShoreMaster boat lift, the installation process is quick and easy as a result of the high-quality construction that makes it easy to own, use, and install. For your first installation, we recommend getting help from a professional, which your local dealer can connect you to and give you a quote on.

What Are the Different Types of Boat Lifts?

A drive-on port works best for PWCs, jet skis, and other smaller watercraft. There are also vertical boat lifts available for boats from the size of jet skis to pontoons. Vertical boat lifts can be operated manually or come with ShoreMaster Whisper Winch and motorized options for easier, quieter operation. Hydraulic boat lifts give you the power of a motor but with more efficiency and quiet operation. These options are available in floating, sectional, or wheel-in models, which will all work on Lake Vermilion-Ely waters.

How To Install a Boat Dock

Boat dock installation isn’t much different from boat lift installation when it comes to the basics. Get everything assembled on shore that you need to, which is easy with a ShoreMaster boat dock system that has very few extra small parts to keep track of. When you’re setting up a dock with multiple sections, begin with those furthest from the shore and work your way in. This way, each section ends up where it’s supposed to go as you assemble your system, not afterward.

What Are the Different Types of Boat Docks?

Boat docks come in three different styles at ShoreMaster. Sectional docks are modular structures supported by legs under the water’s surface. Wheel-in docks are similar but have wheels and axles attached to the legs to allow owners to roll the docks in and out of the water easily. Floating boat docks are buoyant, sit on top of the water, and stay in place with a combination of anchors in the water and a gangway connected to the shore. They all have different options for decking materials and dock accessories to help complete your waterfront.

An authorized ShoreMaster dealer, we can help you find the best vermilion lake boat dock, boat lift, and accessories to help you complete your perfect waterfront. Near-limitless options await. Get in touch with a ShoreMaster dealer in your area to learn more and get started!