Lake Docks, Piers, and Boat Lifts in Balsam Lake, WI


ShoreMaster has a lot of perks to offer Balsam Lake boaters. Our premium boat docks have exclusive features, including 5-sided dock legs, curve sections, and the greatest number of accessories and customization options in the industry. Whether you swim, fish, canoe, birdwatch, or simply use your dock to walk out to your boat, ShoreMaster offers compatible accessories to get the most out of your summer.

Unfortunately, summer can’t last forever. We’re seasonal boaters ourselves, so we understand the disappointment that comes with colder weather putting an end to your boating season. ShoreMaster boat lifts and docks make your life easier even when it’s time to stop thinking about boating and start thinking about ice fishing, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. Our boat dock systems are specially designed to be easy to own, and this includes easy set-up and tear-down for our fellow seasonal boaters that need something easy to transport but durable enough to make it to next year. Our sectional docks are easy to assemble and reconfigure, and accessories are easy to attach which means that installation and removal are intuitive and don’t require fancy tools—it’s possible to remove from the water with the help of a friend. Wheel-in docks are also a nice option for the seasonal boater that needs a solution for removing their dock from the water. Simply use the wheels, which you can attach to your existing ShoreMaster sectional dock with a wheel kit and some tools, to roll your dock out of the water and onto the shore, where it can be stored until next year. Floating docks are also a great option, especially for those people with very deep water by your shore or those areas where the water level fluctuates too much to know exactly where to set your height. 

ShoreMaster Dealers Around Balsam Lake

When you buy your boat dock system from an authorized ShoreMaster dealer, you’re becoming part of a legacy of innovation and a larger family of waterfront enthusiasts. Our boat docks, lifts, and boat dock accessories are made with premium materials and expert engineering to ensure that they’ll keep meeting your needs with minimal maintenance for years to come. And in the unlikely event that they don’t, our customer support team and local dealer network are here to help you find a solution. Local dealers also mean highly personalized recommendations for the water near you. Our Balsam Lake dealers are well acquainted with your local water and are ready to help you buy or upgrade your dream shoreline system.


Reach Out to a Balsam Lake ShoreMaster Dealer

An authorized ShoreMaster dealer will know everything there is to know about our products, and they also wanted to be a dealer because they believe in our products and what we do. Combine that kind of enthusiasm with the intimate knowledge that a local dealer will have of the shoreline you’re buying waterfront accessories for, and you have a recipe for a great buying and boating experience for years to come.

When you buy ShoreMaster products through an authorized dealer, you can be sure that you’ll always have dealer support at every step, from purchase to installation to everything in between. Our customer support team is available to help answer your questions about ShoreMaster products as well as the water and shorelines of Balsam Lake. If you’re interested in connecting with a local ShoreMaster dealer, whether you’re in the Balsam Lake region or somewhere else, you can use our online contact form to reach out with your questions or requests. If you’re interested in connecting on social media, ShoreMaster is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, where we post information about products, events, and our waterfront expertise for our ShoreMaster family.




What dock system is best for Balsam Lake?

Your perfect dock system is the one that meets your needs. Choose a sectional or wheel-in system if you have a shallower shoreline with stable water levels, or a floating dock system for especially deep water levels or those that fluctuate. All three are good choices, especially with ShoreMaster’s high-quality materials and construction that make all of those docks sturdy enough for seasonal wear and tear while being easy to own, install, and remove. Your Balsam Lake ShoreMaster dealer can tell you more.

What lift system is best for Balsam Lake?

The best lift system for your Balsam Lake waterfront is the one that lifts your boat and is appropriate for your water. Floating boat lifts are best for deep shorelines or those with fluctuating water levels. Sectional and wheel-in boat lift systems are good for shallower shorelines that have more stable water levels. All are good choices, especially with ShoreMaster boat lifts that are easy to install and remove for seasonal Wisconsin boaters. Talk to your Balsam Lake ShoreMaster dealer about the options that work best for your shoreline.

Should I choose a floating dock or a fixed dock for my Balsam Lake waterfront?

That will depend on your individual waterfront. Both have their advantages. Fixed docks will provide stability under your feet and durability even in Wisconsin’s weather conditions. Floating docks will be a better fit for water that’s especially deep or fluctuates a lot, and they’re also a good fit for especially delicate bottoms with fragile ecosystems. Your Balsam Lake ShoreMaster dealer can help you make the best choice for you.

Can I schedule a consultation with a waterfront expert near Balsam Lake?

Yes, and we can help you get that consultation scheduled–use our online contact form so that we can put you in touch with a Balsam Lake ShoreMaster dealer and waterfront expert.


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