Posted on January 24, 2019

Advantages of Hydraulic Boat Lifts Over Mechanical Systems

Benefits of Hydraulic Boat Lifts

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Not all boat lifts are created equal. Some companies will claim to have hydraulic boat lifts when what they’re really offering is a cable-operated boat lift sold under a different name. For boat owners looking for peace of mind, performance, and reliability in their boat lifts, a pure hydraulic system is the ultimate option.

With a boat lift capacity between 4,000 to 12,000 pounds combined with ShoreMaster Canopy System and Boat Lift Accessories, you’ll find that the best boat lifts are only available through ShoreMaster. Here are the three reasons why we have incorporated hydraulic technology into our boat lifts and haven’t looked back.


A hydraulic boat lift is easy to own and operate because it doesn’t involve cables or pulleys. Traditional hydraulic designs require minimal maintenance, especially when created with welded construction that’s more durable than boat lifts that are bolted together. These designs can accommodate and protect nearly any boat hassle-free. ShoreMaster boat lifts come with remote control operation for extra-easy and convenient operation.


Boat lift winches make a lot of mechanical rattling and clanking noises during their operation. With hydraulic boat lifts, the only thing you’ll hear is a quiet hum, similar to the ShoreMaster’s Whisper Winch (available on vertical boat lifts) which offers near-silent operation. Precision-welded construction is crucial to a quiet, smooth operation, and ShoreMaster boat lifts are made with the quality materials and precision construction that make high performance possible over the life of your dock.


Before hydraulic technology was developed and widespread, you had to lift boats by hand, by boat lift wheel, or by attaching a motor to the boat lift winch. While the motor did improve the lift’s convenience, the aftermarket attachments added complexity and noise to the lift on top of making it run slower. Hydraulic lifts operate not only simply and quietly, but also work faster than other boat lifts.  ShoreMaster boat lifts have a bi-rotational pump that owes its high efficiency to pressure balancing, and its traditional cantilever design works in many bodies of water, even ones that fluctuate.

The Best Hydraulic Boat Lifts from ShoreMaster

ShoreMaster added hydraulic boat lifts to our product lineup in September 2000, but we’ve been in this industry for over 40 years. We live and breathe the waterfront life in Fergus Falls, MN and are proud to be experts in what we do. We have the greatest selection of products that can beautify and truly personalize your waterfront. Create the perfect dock for your waterfront lifestyle and make sure that you look at the best boat lifts available. Get in touch with ShoreMaster or a ShoreMaster dealer to get started on your dream dock complete with hydraulic boat lift.


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