Posted on October 31, 2019

ShoreMaster’s Traditional Boat Dock Canopy Frame

ShoreMaster’s Traditional Canopy Frame

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Premium materials and superior craftsmanship are two things you can expect when you invest in ShoreMaster products for your dock, boat lift, and watercraft. A traditional canopy cover over your boat hoist and dock can provide the protection that you need to protect your boat. Canopies from ShoreMaster offer these great benefits.

Folded canopy cover

Easy Ownership

Durable and lightweight boat canopy covers mean easy ownership. ShoreMaster canopy covers are lightweight without sacrificing quality or durability: our 13-ounce vinyl canopy cover with top coat is comparable to similar 18-ounce covers on the market. The lightweight fabric means easy handling, which makes installation a breeze. Get on the water faster and enjoy your boat without needing to unsnap a cover or clean and dry it every time you want to go out.

High-Quality Construction

Quality products are the reason ShoreMaster has a good reputation, and our canopies are no exception. Our canopies offer the superior moisture and UV protection you would expect from a heavier vinyl canopy cover. The 13-ounce option with top coat outperforms competitors’ 18-ounce covers in areas of tear resistance, grab and strip tensile, and hydrostatic resistance without sacrificing looks or convenience. Combined with the four-piece welded construction of the aluminum frames, you’re investing in one of the highest quality set-ups in the industry.

Multiple Options for Your Perfect Fit

Your dock is as unique as you are, and ShoreMaster has plenty of high-quality options to meet your practical and aesthetic needs. The 13-ounce vinyl covers come in six colors, and Weathermax canopy covers come in eight colors to match your dock’s look. All of these options have superior color retention. There are also size options for optimal protection with covers in widths from 55 to 132 inches and lengths from 10 to 35 feet.

ShoreMaster’s Traditional Boat Canopy

A canopy is a perfect addition to your boat lift installation. Protect your investment with a quality canopy that will remain durable season after season. Contact ShoreMaster or a ShoreMaster dealer near you for boat canopy options or installation help.


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