Posted on February 6, 2020

Highlights of ShoreMaster’s Traditional Boat Dock Canopy Frame

Highlights of ShoreMaster’s Traditional Canopy Frame

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

No aluminum boat dock would be complete without a high-quality canopy frame. A canopy, combined with a boat lift, provides the best outdoor protection for your boat by keeping it out of the elements when you’re not using it. The waterfront experts at ShoreMaster have designed a traditional canopy frame system with the following benefits for boat dock owners.

Superior Protection for Your Investment

A canopy frame provides protection from the elements, and the canopy system from ShoreMaster is especially good at it. ShoreMaster’s traditional canopy frame is designed and built for superior coverage, featuring deep rounded ends that help keep your boat tucked completely underneath the frame where the sun and wind can’t reach it. Add an optional canopy skirt for even greater protection.

High-Quality Construction

ShoreMaster’s attention to detail extends to everything we offer from aluminum boat docks to the canopies that cover them. Our traditional canopy frames feature four-piece welded aluminum construction, which makes them durable even after several seasons and easy to assemble, install, and move. Our canopy covers are also made of high-quality materials with a scalloped perimeter for extra coverage and vented ends to inhibit mold and mildew, guaranteeing a canopy system that will meet your needs without breaking down.

The Industry’s Easiest Ownership

Easy, versatile ownership means that you don’t have to settle for less. The traditional canopy frame is made of aluminum, which means that they require little if any maintenance even after several years. Aluminum is also a very lightweight material, which makes seasonal installation and removal of your traditional canopy frame easy. ShoreMaster’s canopy cover options are also lightweight and durable, resisting damage from mold, mildew, water, abrasion, and UV rays, and they require very little extra cleaning or care. When you put your traditional canopy frame and cover away for the season, you can trust that it will be ready to go when it comes back out of storage, meaning you can set up your dock quickly and get back on the water faster.

Enhancing Your Curve Appeal

Having a durable canopy doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice aesthetics, and ShoreMaster canopies will make your dock one of the most beautiful on your waterfront. Our HarborTime, WeatherMax, and 13 oz. vinyl covers come in a variety of colors, and all of them offer durability along with a lightweight, soft feel that makes them easy to own and attractive season after season. These cover options are all compatible with the traditional canopy frame to complete your waterfront, and you can get them at a great price with the 2020 Enhance Your Curve Appeal Promotion.

If it’s time to buy or upgrade your dock, you’re in luck. Every $2,500 you spend on a dock this January means that you receive a free 45° curve frame, $5,000 means either two 45° or one 90° curve frame, and $7,500 gets you either three 45° sections or one 90° and one 45° section. In addition, we’re offering 50% off of all of our canopy covers. This is a great time to work on making your aluminum boat dock perfect, so contact a local ShoreMaster dealer to get started on your waterfront project.


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