August 10, 2023

Explore the New TowerMaxx Canopy Cover for Boat Lifts | ShoreMaster

Explore the New TowerMaxx Canopy Cover for Boat Lifts

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

A boat lift canopy and canopy cover can only protect your boat if it can be safely tucked underneath them. Some boat makes and models can make this a little harder. Luckily, ShoreMaster has high-performance solutions that offer superior protection and the same functionality you’ve come to expect from  our products to make protecting more types of boats possible.

The ShoreMaster New TowerMaxx Canopy

All waterfront systems that include a boat lift will benefit from a boat lift canopy and matching cover. Keeping your boat by the water makes it accessible. Keeping it out of the water on a boat lift means it’s not continuously taking on water and potentially damaging the hull. However, a canopy with a cover designed for the rigors of marine life is the only way to ensure that your boat is protected from all sides when it’s on the lift. However, not all boats can necessarily fit underneath all canopies, or at least without some difficulty. Larger and taller boats might have problems fitting under some canopy covers, which can expose them to damaging hazards that can affect everything from appearance to performance. ShoreMaster has you and your boat covered with the new and exclusive TowerMaxx canopy system for your boat lift.

What is the ShoreMaster New TowerMaxx boat lift canopy?

The new TowerMaxx boat lift canopy from ShoreMaster is a canopy system that provides even greater protection for the boats that need it most. Pontoons with bimini tops and anything with a tower won’t fit underneath a standard canopy, which can make protecting your boat from the elements tricky. TowerMaxx offers advantages specifically for taller watercraft allowing for the specialized protection that they need. The TowerMaxx canopy for boat lifts fits on all ShoreMaster vertical, hydraulic, and pontoon lifts for the greatest number of possible protection options.

What are the key features of the TowerMaxx boat lift canopy?

The TowerMaxx boat lift canopy has features that make it an optimal choice for both performance and looks. These features include:

  • Extended side coverage (48” of frame coverage and 60” of side canopy coverage) for maximum watercraft protection
  • A push-button back end for ease of access for bimini tops and towers
  • Mesh-end design for breathability and mold and mildew inhibition
  • Adjustable canopy end for the tightest fit
  • Remote actuated door with 36” of door clearance
  • Side door access
  • 12V or 120V battery power options
  • 9-piece design for easy assembly and installation

Can the TowerMaxx boat lift canopy withstand harsh weather conditions?

TowerMaxx is built with the same materials and dedication to great waterfront technology as all ShoreMaster’s boat lift canopies. The main difference is that it’s taller to accommodate taller watercraft, but that doesn’t take away from its performance in harsh weather. Aluminum welded construction in a minimal number of pieces makes for a more durable product that can stand up to many different water types and conditions. With a high-quality boat lift canopy cover attached securely, you can trust TowerMaxx with your boat.

How can I maintain and clean the TowerMaxx boat lift canopy?

You can keep your canopy frame clean with some water and gentle soap. Periodically checking the attachments and any moving parts to ensure everything is tight and in working order is also a good idea. The canopies for TowerMaxx frames are made of the same durable, water-resistant material as our other high-quality canopies, which means they can be gently rinsed and washed when they get dirty. Harsh chemicals can damage the water-resistant coating, so avoid anything like bleach. Dirt, pollen, and other light debris can be swept off. Before storing long-term, ensure that the canopy is clean, free from soap residue, and completely dry before folding. We have detailed folding instructions on our Boat Lift Canopy FAQs page.