Posted on November 19, 2020

Installing a Traditional Boat Lift Canopy Frame

Installing a Traditional Boat Lift Canopy Frame

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Your boat lift canopy system protects your boat when it’s on the lift, but only if it’s installed properly. Luckily, for Infinity Boat Lift Systems, the assembly process is mostly the same, and you can do it with some help. These steps are an overview of how to install a traditional canopy frame, but follow the complete instructions in your manual and wear protective clothing and eyewear when assembling, installing, removing, or servicing your canopy system.

  1. 1) Place both frame sides with the center tubes together.
  2. 2) While holding the frame sides together, slide one canopy frame end into the frame sides’ exposed ends. Repeat on the other side, and secure the ends.
  3. 3) Bolt the frame sides together.
  4. 4) If you have a hydraulic boat lift, skip this step. If you don’t, remove all weight from the lift and the caps from the boat lift uprights. Loosen the bolts and nuts holding the lift winch in place, but make sure you know where they are—you’ll reattach them once the canopy legs are in place.
  5. 5) Attach the canopy legs by sliding them into the opening in the lift uprights, ensuring they’re set at the right height for your lift, then bolt them in place. 
  6. 6) If you have sliding canopy legs, insert a carriage bolt in the lift leg and attach loosely with a brass nut.
  7. 7) Slide the slotted canopy leg over the carriage bolt and tighten the nut at the right height.
  8. 8) Place the assembled canopy frame into the U-shaped channels and slide into position.
  9. 9) Place the canopy cover over the canopy frame, ensuring that it fits equally over the entire frame.
  10. 10) Bolt the frame into position.
  11. 11) Put your frame in position.
  12. 12) Secure your cover to the frame with the bungee cords inside it.

And you’re done! Remember never to raise your lift up past the recommendations, don’t leave the cover on the frame unless it’s firmly in place, and make sure everything is anchored correctly before use.

You shouldn’t install your Infinity Boat Lift System alone. Get some friends to help you, and if you need installation advice from a waterfront expert, contact ShoreMaster or an authorized ShoreMaster dealer near you.


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