April 27, 2023

How Do Our Canopies Compare?

How Do Our Canopies Compare?

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

ShoreMaster has three different types of boat lift canopy covers that can protect your watercraft. Traditional, Hip-Roof, and TowerMaxx Canopy Frames all have their place on different waterfronts and for different boats, with the differences largely being in size, aesthetics, and features.

The sun, wind, and rain are all a part of life on the water. As wonderful as they can be, they’re also very hard on boats and other watercraft. Boats are meant to sit on the water but shouldn’t remain there or be exposed to every storm. While the occasional rainfall won’t hurt your boat, the elements can damage your boat over time. At best, your boat won’t look as good as it did when you first brought it home. At worst, the damage can affect your boat’s performance and resale value, which makes not protecting your boat a costly mistake.

This is where boat lift canopy covers come into the picture. A canopy alone can’t protect much because it’s just a frame: canopy covers give you a place to tuck your lifted boat up and away from the elements, keeping it looking great and performing beautifully. The canopies can also make a striking statement on your waterfront with vibrant colors.

ShoreMaster has three canopy frame options and three canopy cover fabrics to choose from. Our canopy systems feature welded aluminum frame construction and are incredibly easy to own, install, and maintain, even if the individual features differ. These are the finer points of the traditional, hip-roof, and TowerMaxx styles of canopy frame we have available.

A pontoon boat with a cover on the dock

Traditional Canopy Frames

“Traditional” doesn’t mean ordinary or unremarkable when it comes to ShoreMaster’s Traditional boat dock canopy frames. Ours has a curved design, deep, rounded ends, and available canopy skirts to give you the ability to completely tuck your watercraft up into the canopy and away from the elements. The traditional canopy frame from ShoreMaster also has four-piece welded construction, which makes it extra durable and gives it the easiest and fastest assembly and installation in the industry. The traditional canopy frames come in sizes from 13’x64” to 35’x132”, which means we’re very likely to have something in the size that you need.

Hip-Roof Canopy Frames

For smaller watercraft or boaters that need or want a less obtrusive aesthetic, the Hip-Roof Canopy Frame is for you. The hip-roof canopy frame has a lower profile, which makes it more appealing to some marinas and HOAs with restrictions on size or appearance. You won’t compromise on protection with the low profile, though. The pitch of the canopy easily sheds moisture, which means your boat is dry and protected when you’re not using it. Hip-Roof Canopy Frames are available in 24’x108” to 26’x120”.

TowerMaxx Canopy Frames

TowerMaxx provides even greater protection for your boat than before—you get 48” of frame protection and 60” of side canopy coverage. A notable feature of the TowerMaxx canopy frame is the motorized functionality that allows the back end of the frame to swing upward at the push of a button. Especially tall watercraft, like pontoons with Bimini tops or any boat with a tower, will have easier access to the TowerMaxx than any other canopy frame system. The ability to move some of the frames doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing protection. The canopy ends are adjustable to ensure that your canopy cover has a secure fit. The mesh end design allows air to flow through the canopy to inhibit mold and mildew growth. TowerMaxx Canopy Frame systems are available in sizes from 25’x120” to 35’x132”, ensuring that your tall and large boats stay protected from the worst of the elements.

ShoreMaster Boat Lift Canopy Systems

ShoreMaster is a marine industry leader for several good reasons, and our canopy systems are just part of the complete picture. Whether you have a small PWC or a great tritoon, your watercraft deserves all of the TLC you can give it, which means lifting it out of the water when you’re not using it and keeping it shielded from the elements with a canopy. Whether you’re using a traditional, hip-roof, or TowerMaxx system, your boat is in good hands—just be sure that you’re completing it with a HarborTime, WeatherMax, or vinyl canopy cover.

Whatever your waterfront needs are, we have canopy options that fit them and beautiful covers to complete the look and protection. If you still have questions about what sets our boat lift canopies apart or are interested in getting in touch with a ShoreMaster dealer in your area to set up a new canopy system, get in touch with us online.