Lake Docks, Piers, and Boat Lifts in Lake Vermillion, MN


Lake Vermilion, in northeast Minnesota, is considered one of the most scenic lakes in the United States. Lake Vermilion has 40,000 acres of water, 365 islands, and 1,200 miles of shoreline and covers 40 miles of the heart of the Arrowhead Region. Beautiful no matter what time of year, and home to the Minnesota Fishing Opener, it’s a great place for anglers with a competitive spirit and casual waterfront enjoyers alike.


Meanwhile, Ely is an entire outdoor community rich with native history and culture. It sits at the edge of Boundary Waters—the largest wilderness area east of the Rocky Mountains. With miles of waterways and shorelines, wooded trails, and a community that takes pride in keeping the wilderness pure for generations to come, Ely is a great place to settle down and set up a waterfront home.




As Minnesota-based boat and waterfront enthusiasts, ShoreMaster wouldn’t dream of overlooking a local dealer that could cater to both Lake Vermilion and Ely. Find ShoreMaster dealers in your area to get the best in boat docks, boat lifts, accessories, and advice.

ShoreMaster Infinity RS4 Dock with Curve Dock, Gray Woodgrain Decking and Black Bumpers

Lake Vermilion and Ely Docks and Accessories for Sale

No matter where you are on Lake Vermilion or in Ely, some of your requirements for a boat dock will probably look pretty similar. You’ll need something appropriate for freshwater conditions that can stand up to the rigors of seasonal installation and removal and all of the different types of weather that Minnesota can throw at your boat, dock, and lift system. ShoreMaster’s boat docks, lifts, and accessories can handle those conditions and are lightweight and durable enough to be removed and installed in the water year after year.

Sectional or wheel-in docks versus floating docks will depend on your water conditions as well as any local requirements you might need to adhere to. If your water level is fairly shallow and stays consistent throughout the season, you shouldn’t have any trouble with a sectional or wheel-in system. If your water level is especially deep or fluctuates, floating docks might be the way to go. Floating docks will also be better for muddy or rocky bottoms where it might be hard to secure the legs just right. Boaters in Ely might especially want to think about floating docks from an environmental level as well: anchors don’t have as much of a footprint as wheels or legs do, which means that your boat dock won’t have the same impact on the ecosystem in your lake.

Cost of Docks in Lake Vermilion and Ely MN

What is the most cost-effective solution for boat docks in Lake Vermilion or Ely? Buying a more expensive dock made with better engineering and materials will cost more upfront but will pay off in the long run when your maintenance costs are much lower. Used docks that you can find from sellers on the internet will also probably be cheaper than new docks, but without being absolutely sure who you’re buying the dock from or how they cared for it before selling it, you can’t know whether your dock will truly stand the test of time.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide a one-size-fits-all average cost for a boat dock in Lake Vermilion, Ely, or anywhere else where you might need one. Because ShoreMaster boat docks have such a wide array of options, from the dock decking to the accessories you put on the perimeter, the costs can vary wildly between any two docks. You might not even be able to use your neighbor’s dock as a good measure of how much yours might cost, depending on how each of you uses the water! It’s best to assume that you’ll be spending well into thousands of dollars for your boat dock system, with a greater cost incurred for larger installations, more accessories, and higher-quality construction and materials. However, this higher cost upfront, along with diligent care means that you won’t be paying for maintenance, repairs, and replacements down the line.

Boat Lifts & Docks for Sale: Lake Vermilion and Ely Dealers

ShoreMaster is proud to make Minnesota our home. We’re very fortunate to have a network of local dealers in this state that we trust to keep customers happy and share our passion for innovation and local waterfront expertise. Our dealer network extends across North America, which means that no matter where on the water you call home, you’re likely to find a ShoreMaster dealer that can give you the personalized advice and expertise you need to make your waterfront great. Whether you want to get in touch with a ShoreMaster dealer in the Lake Vermilion and Ely area or somewhere else closer to home, we can help. Use our online contact form to reach out and start building your dream dock system today.



What dock system is best for the Lake Vermilion region?

Choose your dock system based on your waterfront’s conditions. Take a look at what your neighbors are using, but also do some homework on your own. The depth of your water, whether it changes, the weather conditions, amount of space you have to work with, and how rough, smooth, or sheltered it is will have a major impact on the type of boat dock system that will be optimal. 

What lift system is best for lakes in the Lake Vermilion region?

Choosing your lift system is a lot like choosing your boat dock system. Many of the requirements are the same–take a look at your water conditions and the boat dock you’re setting up before making a final decision on your lift. With lifts, though, there’s one more consideration—your boat itself. You want a boat lift system that will accommodate not only your water conditions and depth, but also the weight and size of your boat. PWC and tritoons have different size requirements after all, so it’s key to ensure you have the right size and power to get your boat up and out of the water. Your local dealer can direct you toward the boat lift systems that will work best for your needs.

Can I schedule a consultation with a waterfront expert in Lake Vermilion?

Yes, absolutely! ShoreMaster has a network of waterfront experts and dealers across North America, including in the Lake Vermilion, MN region. Getting in touch is as easy as filling out this online contact form on our website.

What are the most popular boat dock accessories in the Lake Vermilion region?

Lake Vermilion has access to the same catalog of ShoreMaster boat dock accessories as the rest of North America. That means that you will have access to the largest selection of options and accessories in the industry. For your dock, consider watersports equipment, fishing gear, installation tools, and so much more. ShoreMaster accessories can be positioned and re-positioned anywhere along the perimeter of your dock system, which means no worrying about committing to a place to drill into the frame or give something a permanent home. Talk to your ShoreMaster dealer about your hobbies and interests, and they’ll point out some accessory options you might not have even known existed, let alone that we carry them.



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