Posted on March 4, 2021

Dealer Spotlight: TR Marinan - Missoula Boat Dealers

Dealer Spotlight: TR Marinan

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

At ShoreMaster, we’re proud to share our love of waterfront systems with our customers as well as our dealers. We consider our dealers to be part of a larger ShoreMaster family. For this post, we decided to feature TR Marinan in Missoula, MT, what we love about them, and what they love about us.

The History of TR Marinan

TR Marinan was established in 1976 as a metal fabrication, trailer parts, and truck accessories business. It wasn’t until 1987 that the company saw a need in the area and thought about becoming a dealer for a boat lift systems manufacturer. Of the six manufacturers interviewed, ShoreMaster had the highest quality and lifts with the most vertical travel height. They’ve been selling ShoreMaster lifts since 1988 and have been focusing more on other ShoreMaster products and dock lines. Today, they’re the biggest ShoreMaster Lift System dealer in the Flathead Lake area. They serve Montana and Northern Idaho and will deliver within 200 miles of Missoula, MT.

Favorite ShoreMaster Products

TR Marinan believes in ShoreMaster products because of the consistency in design, factory support, and care we put into each product and customer service call. Their number one favorite ShoreMaster product is the DVS line of lifts, which are a very easy sell because of their great engineering and easy assembly. PolyDock Products are a close second: their customers rave about PolyDock dock systems and their neighbors want one after walking on it.

Favorite ShoreMaster Story

One of TR Marinan’s favorite parts of ShoreMaster isn’t even a product, but an experience. Tim has interacted with people at the ShoreMaster factory he works with for 30 years—those same employees are still there, and he can develop true business relationships and friendships with people who know who he is and are happy to see him. These relationships and factory support have kept him a loyal ShoreMaster dealer. They see this same commitment when it comes to end customers, who are supported at every stage of the buying process, no matter how long they’ve been using ShoreMaster products—they can get parts for products from 20 or 30 years ago, and there isn’t a product that’s not thoroughly thought through and tested before going to market.

Why Buy from an Authorized Dealer?

TR Marinan shares our belief that dealers have a lot of knowledge to share. Authorized dealers will have experience with the products they sell and the kinds of questions to ask that will get you what you need. They can offer the right product for your specific situation (especially if they’re local and know your water), and they have compatible inventory, parts, and service for what they sell. They also offer warranties, too.

Boat Lift Systems in Missoula, MT

TR Marinan is a part of our dealer family because they believe in asking questions, making customers feel good about their products, and providing products to underrepresented areas. They advertise through word of mouth and live by the principle of “treat customers like you want to be treated,” and we’re proud to do business with them. For more information about TR Marinan, check out their website. For more information on ShoreMaster products as well as guidance on what options work for your area, get in touch with a local ShoreMaster dealer.


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