Posted on April 15, 2021

Dealer Spotlight: Lake Area Docks & Lifts

Dealer Spotlight: Lake Area Docks & Lifts

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

We consider everyone in our ShoreMaster dealer network to be part of our family. This is especially true of Lake Area Docks & Lifts, a Minnesota-based Neighbor at the Lake and ShoreMaster’s neighbors. We decided to share some love with a dealer we’ve known from the beginning to have years of experience and expertise for today’s dealer spotlight.

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History of Lake Area Docks & Lifts

Donovan Rasmusson started working for ShoreMaster in 1985, working his way up from welder to plant manager and then working as the southwest regional sales manager. When a position opened up for the midwest regional sales manager, he transferred back to Fergus falls in 1994. There wasn’t a viable dealer in the local market at that time, but representation in the lakes area was needed. Donovan worked with his brother Jeff to start Lake Area Docks & Lift to fill that need and grow a local market in 1995. By 1998, Donovan resigned from ShoreMaster to focus on the new business full time. They eventually opened additional locations and have been one of our leading dealers ever since.

Favorite ShoreMaster Products and Qualities

Donovan is a fan of ShoreMaster’s vertical lifts as well as our docks. ShoreMaster docks are highly customizable, from the decking to the different configurations, which is an essential feature in a changing waterfront industry. Boat dock accessories are becoming more critical as boat docks become outdoor entertainment centers and shoreline statements. Another part of being a ShoreMaster dealer that Lake Area Docks & Lifts appreciates is the level of care put into everything from the products to the service. There’s not much that ShoreMaster doesn’t cover, and what we don't offer, we work hard to accommodate. 

Favorite ShoreMaster Product Story

Donovan learned a lot working with ShoreMaster over the years. He learned about how to make it in business by being open to innovation. Many years ago, before dealers started growing and evolving, ShoreMaster was in the process of redesigning our docks so that the panels were inserts instead of already attached. While he was skeptical of the idea at first because it would mean stocking yet another thing, he came around after a year. He learned about the importance of evolving and being less stubborn in a changing industry, which is a lesson that continues to serve Lake Area Docks & Lifts well.

Why Buy from an Authorized Dealer?

Buying aluminum boat docks is all about the experience, and using an authorized dealer ensures that you get the best experience possible. An authorized dealer will not only believe in the products they offer, but they will also have the expertise to help you with those products, especially if they’re local and know your waterfront. There’s a difference between selling your product and knowing which questions to ask to make sure you enjoy it. Even more important is a company’s ability to offer you full service from start to finish and beyond.

Boat Lift Systems in Minnesota

We’ve known Lake Area Dock & Lifts from the very beginning and truly appreciate our partnership over the years. If you’re in lakes country and the surrounding areas and looking for premium boat docks, lift systems, and accessories, there are five locations to help you find your next aluminum boat dock. For more information about Lake Area Docks & Lifts, take a look at their website. For more information about ShoreMaster products or dock options best suited for your area, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer.


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