Posted on September 19, 2019

Simplifying Fall Removal with a Boat Lift Tool

Lift Accessories Can Help with Fall Removal

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

For boat owners in some parts of the country, the change of seasons can mean the installation and removal of boat docks. When the air cools and leaves start changing colors, it’s a sign that boats need to come out of the water for the fall and winter—and if your boat lift and dock are removable, they probably need to come out of the water as well. Removing your boat dock accessories probably won’t be too much of a problem, especially if you’re using ShoreMaster InfinityTrack accessories that are already easy to install and remove, but what about the dock itself?

ShoreMaster Vertical Lifts with Infinity RS7 Dock with Cedar Decking, Green Canopies, Stairs, Bench

No one wants to spend a ton of time in the water when it gets really cold, let alone doing a lot of hard work in the process. Thankfully, ShoreMaster’s docks and boat lifts are constructed out of lightweight aluminum to make installation and removal easy and quick. For extra convenience, though, these three tools from ShoreMaster are compatible with our lifts and will help make your fall and winter dock prep easier.

Boat Lifting Arm

Fall can be a very muddy time of year, which means that removing a dock or boat lift can be difficult. A boat lifting arm can help make seasonal removal (and installation in a few months) easier. The boat lifting arm hooks onto the boat lift, allowing you to use leverage to lift the boat lift up out of the mud and carry it onto the shore. Like many ShoreMaster products, the arms are made with aluminum welded construction that gives them lightweight durability.

Poly Tires

Sometimes rolling your dock sections out of the water will be easier than lifting or dragging them, which is where poly tires from ShoreMaster come in. Our 24-inch polyethylene tires are a great fit for boat lifts, accessories, and other waterfront equipment with axles no bigger than two inches. These tires are rotationally molded and have thicker sidewalls, which makes them more durable than many injection-molded tires. They resist UV degradation and are self-draining, which makes them lighter once they’re on the shore and reduces the weight and the hassle (and allows them to be self-filling when you need to roll everything back in when the weather starts thawing).

Wheel Caddy

Wheels alone can make seasonal boat lift installation and removal easier, but an attached wheel caddy system can add even more convenience to the entire system. The wheel caddy frame is aluminum-welded like a lot of ShoreMaster products, is easy to attach, and can remain on your boat lift year-round. Once the caddy system is attached and poly tires are installed on the axle sleeve, this ShoreMaster hardware kit can help the boat lift transition from the water to the shore and back again when the time comes. The wheel caddy attaches to the lift side when the rack is raised, which forces the wheel under the lift.

Your wheel caddy from ShoreMaster comes with two poly tires, pivoting axles, chains, and the hardware you need to install it.

Complete Your ShoreMaster Boat Lift and Dock

Your shoreline isn’t complete without a dock, and your dock isn’t complete until it’s truly perfect for you. Fun and practical accessories for your boat lift and dock can help you enjoy your dock during boating season and make installation and removal easier. Spend more of your dock time making fond memories and less time on assembling and removing hardware, and don’t wait until the last minute to start thinking about seasonal installation and removal options. Learn more about ShoreMaster’s aluminum boat lifts or get assembly help by contacting ShoreMaster or a local ShoreMaster dealer.




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