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All of the Finger Lakes — Canadice, Canandaigua, Cayuga, Conesus, Hemlock, Honeoye, Keuka, Otisco, Owasco, Seneca, and Skaneateles — are all natural and each around 40 miles in length and as deep as 618 feet in places. Lake Ontario and the Erie Canal both lie to the north. Those aren’t the only bodies of water in the area, but they are among the most impressive. The Finger Lakes - Lake Ontario Watershed Protection Alliance has programs to aid in the stewardship and preservation of water resources.

All of that history and beauty needs to be protected, and while wheel-in or sectional docks are feasible in some areas, if your shoreline is particularly deep, the legs might not reach the bottom. If floating boat docks are for sale near you, it’s probably worth the investment. They’re stable and built to withstand the natural wear and tear of the water, seasonal changes, and the installation and removal process. They automatically adjust to shifting water levels. Since they’re only secured in the water with a gangway and some anchorage, they have minimal impact on the bottom of the water, making them close to ideal for protecting the water and ecosystem underneath.

Dock Decking: Aluminum Dock

Boat Dock Accessories for Sale

The water of Finger Lakes has much to offer, whether you’re just visiting or you’re here forever. Sightseeing, boating, and fishing are only a few of the options available to water lovers in the area. For those setting up their own personal retreat, the right accessories are a must.

Do you fish? A rod holder that attaches to the side of your dock, and can be easily moved to where the fish are, can free up your hands when something else needs your attention. Some seating and tables are essential for using your boat dock as an outdoor entertainment space. A canopy can protect your head from all kinds of weather, a fire table can keep things cozy late into the night, and a grill can help you feed your loved ones. For the canoer, kayaker, or other water sports enjoyer, you’ll need places to stash your equipment by the water but safely out of the way. And those are just a few of the possibilities. ShoreMaster has the largest selection of boat dock accessories in the industry, with options to suit every lifestyle, taste, and budget. Your local dealer can help you find something perfect.

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Boat Lifts & Docks for Sale: NY Finger Lakes Dealers

From the very beginning, ShoreMaster’s team has had lifelong boating enthusiasts who are also experts in marine design and engineering. Our dedication to making products and waterfronts the best they can be and offering options to discerning customers makes us one of the most trusted leaders in the industry. We have authorized dealers in the Finger Lakes region that are experts on your water and our products, so you can expect a perfect experience. Find a dealer in your area to get started.




Does ShoreMaster offer installation services within the Finger Lakes region?

We do! All of our products have installation instructions available as downloadable PDFs on our website in case you lose your hard copy in between installations. We also have our customer service team and waterfront experts at our headquarters for quick answers to questions over the phone. For more personal installation services, especially if you’re a first-time dock owner, we recommend talking to your local ShoreMaster dealer about having a team come out to install your dock for you.

Should I choose a floating dock or a fixed dock for my waterfront in the Finger Lake area?

Either floating or fixed docks are a fine fit for Finger Lake area waterfronts, as long as it’s appropriate for your needs. If the water level on your waterfront is especially deep or has large fluctuations during the season, a floating dock is probably a better fit than a fixed dock, which is better for more consistent and shallower water levels. Other conditions, like the type of bottom you have and how rough the water is, also factor into whether you choose a floating or fixed dock system.

How do I find a ShoreMaster dealer in the Finger Lakes region?

You’re in the right place! We can put you in touch with your local ShoreMaster dealer, no matter where in the Finger Lakes region you are: fill out our online contact form to get started.

What types of products does ShoreMaster offer in the Finger Lakes region?

The Finger Lakes region gets access to the same ShoreMaster catalog as the rest of our North American market. This means all of the dock furniture, waterfront accessories, dock frame and decking options, boat lifts, and more are all available to our Finger Lakes customers. Talk to your local dealer about what you’re shopping for and what you need out of your waterfront system.



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