Detroit Lakes Docks


When you want to get out into nature, Detroit Lakes is a great place to be. Three state forests, three state parks, two national wildlife refuges, and over 70,000 acres of wilderness mean a lot of natural space to get out into fresh air, unplug, and unwind. Your ideal dock system will stand up to the rigors of the changing seasons and even be removed from the water when the weather gets too extreme (as we know Minnesota weather can be). If your lake bottom is particularly deep, fluctuates, or has a fragile ecosystem at the bottom that you want to protect, a floating boat dock system is a great choice to make. If your water is more consistent or shallower, and you’re not worried about the condition of the bottom as much, you could do just fine with a wheel-in or sectional dock system.

Boat Dock Accessories for Sale


Detroit Lakes are great places to get out in nature and away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You’ll want boat dock accessories that can help you take advantage of the best that the land, water, and sky offer and the unique memories you and your loved ones will make together. ShoreMaster has a wide array of boat dock accessories for sale that would be great additions to the dock of any nature lover or watersports enthusiast. Everyone who spends time on their dock looking at the natural beauty of Detroit Lakes will likely benefit from a dock canopy, comfortable furniture, and other features to make your dock even more relaxing. Adding a fishing rod holder for anglers, watersports racks to make your gear accessible, and other accessories can make your dock truly a reflection of you and what you’re passionate about.

The Cost of Boat Lifts Near Me

It’s hard to put a single price tag, or even a range of costs, on a brand-new boat dock system. The way that people across the country, or even within the same state, will use their boat dock systems will vary depending on the type of waterfront. For example, someone with a floating dock might have gotten one because their water is too deep for a sectional wheel-in dock, while someone who uses a dock with piles might have gotten it because their water is a little too rough for a floating dock or boat lift to feel stable under their feet. Consider that people will have different size waterfronts and will incorporate different hobbies into their setup. Also, think about the quality and types of materials used to build the system, and you’ll have a range of potential prices without any guarantees.

You might be able to get boat docks for sale cheaply off of a dealer on the internet or made with lesser quality, but why settle on something so important to you? Your boat dock should fit you and your unique lifestyle, not something picked off of a list. As a result, we can’t give you an average price for boat docks in Detroit Lakes, MN. However, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars for a high-quality product that will last years and meet your exact needs. This may be steep as far as initial cost goes, but it pays for itself over time, especially when you consider the amount of time, money, and stress saved on repairs and maintenance and how much fun a tailor-made waterfront system will be.

Boat Lifts & Docks for Sale: Detroit Lakes Dealers

ShoreMaster is a Minnesota-based company, meaning we understand how important the water is to our state. We’re lifelong fans of boating and the water and want to take our passion and expertise to your shorelines. We have a dealer network across North America that blends local familiarity and passion with expertly engineered products for boat owners, watersports fans, and other water lovers. Detroit Lakes, MN, is just one of our ShoreMaster authorized dealer homes. To get in touch or to find a dealer a little closer to you, get in touch by using our online contact form.


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