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Brainerd Lakes has a variety of lake destinations and shorelines for all kinds of water lovers. There are marinas, cruises, and quiet, out-of-the-way places to kayak. No matter where you are, you’re guaranteed to find a way to enjoy watching the wildlife, reeling in a catch, or having fun exploring the water. Your boat dock is sure to look a little different from other boat docks because even your neighbor might have different priorities than you. Brainerd Lakes boat dock owners will probably benefit from a lightweight, durable boat dock system that can withstand the rigors of seasonal weather changes, installation, and removal. If you live in an area with deep or fluctuating water, either the bottom is very rough or especially fragile. So you might consider a floating dock; otherwise, sectional or wheel-in systems work great.

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Boat Dock Accessories for Sale


The various ways you can enjoy the water in the Brainerd Lakes area is rivaled only by the number of boat dock accessories and options that ShoreMaster offers — we have the greatest number of boat dock accessories in the industry and offer more customization options than our competitors. We have boat lifts for watercraft of every size, from today’s epically large tritoon boats to a docking platform for a jet ski or PWC. We have dock furniture that can attach directly to our docks that suits every style and budget, and who doesn’t appreciate a place to sit and put your feet up for a while, especially when you can do it in nature? If you have a canoe or kayak, storage solutions for oars and other gear are essential to keep your dock from getting cluttered. The angler will use our fishing rod holder a lot, and the family gourmet will enjoy being able to cook the freshest catch possible right on the dock with a dockside grill. Dock canopies, fire tables, lights, and other accessories let you enjoy the sights and sounds long into the night. The best part about ShoreMaster accessories is that they’re designed to be integrated seamlessly into the dock system. Many can be attached along the perimeter of your dock and easily moved, making the system extremely flexible and able to grow and change with your needs. Your Brainerd Lakes ShoreMaster dealer will recommend the accessories that will complete your dream waterfront system.

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Cost of Brainerd Lakes Docks and Lifts

It’s difficult, maybe even impossible, to put a uniform price tag on a boat dock or boat lift system. Doing so would mean that boat docks are a single one-size-fits-all product that’s identical, although sold to many different people. Your waterfront and what you do with it are unique, which requires customization. ShoreMaster is great at customization, and we love having the opportunity to help waterfront owners create their dream docks, but this does make it difficult to come up with an average price tag.

You can expect an upfront investment of thousands of dollars for a high-quality boat dock and lift system that meets your needs. It’s a steep price tag, but when you consider that you’re investing in something that will become an extension of your home, protect your boat, hold your loved ones, and can grow and evolve as you do, all while withstanding Minnesota weather year-round, it’s well worth the price tag.

Boat Lifts & Docks for Sale: Brainerd Lakes Dealers

ShoreMaster is a US company headquartered in Minnesota, so places like Brainerd Lakes have a special place in our hearts. Our local dealers also have a place in our hearts because they know this great state just as well as we do. They have a passion for our products and will be able to provide the local expertise you need when you’re trying to decide what would work best on your waterfront. Get started on the perfect boat dock system for you, complete with accessories and aesthetics that fit your taste and lifestyle, with the help of a Brainerd Lakes area ShoreMaster dealer. To get in touch with one, or to find a dealer that’s a little closer to home for you, use our online contact form.


What lift system is best for lakes in the Brainerd Lakes region?

Any of ShoreMaster’s lifts will work for water in the Brainerd Lakes region. When shopping for a boat lift system, consider the size, shape, and weight of your boat, as all of this will determine the size and weight capacity of boat lift that you’ll need. You’ll find the dry weight of your boat in its spec sheet, so combine that with the weight of anything you’ll bring on board and add a 20% margin of error to get the minimum weight capacity you’ll need. Before making any purchase, take those numbers to your local ShoreMaster dealer to double-check that you’re looking at something in the right size.

What dock system is best for the Brainerd Lakes area?

All of ShoreMaster’s dock systems would be a good fit for the Brainerd Lakes area. What makes a boat dock system a good fit is based on what you need your boat dock to do. The modern boat dock can be anything from a simple walkway out to your boat to an outdoor entertainment space, and the docks themselves come in options based on different water conditions. When you talk to your local ShoreMaster dealer, your plans and water conditions will be the first things that come up, so keep those at the front of your mind during your meeting.

Does ShoreMaster offer installation services in the Brainerd Lakes area?

Yes! Your local ShoreMaster dealer can provide as much installation help as you need, from answering questions over the phone to coming out and performing the installation for you. Contact your Brainerd Lakes area ShoreMaster dealer for more information.

Should I choose a floating dock or a fixed dock for my Brainerd Lake waterfront?

That depends on the particulars of your waterfront. A fixed dock is good for waterfronts with a consistent level or rougher water, where you won’t have to guess at the depth but could use the added stability. For water levels that are very deep or fluctuate greatly within the same season, floating docks that can adjust on their own and reach deeper than legs or piles can are probably a better fit as long as the water isn’t too rough. Your local ShoreMaster dealer can help you find the system that works for you.


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