Lake Docks, Piers, and Boat Lifts in Green Bay, WI


Boaters in Green Bay want to be mindful of the weather, which can be pretty rough compared to some other areas, thanks to the north-south winds on Lake Michigan. Luckily, our years of seasonal waterfront experience, as well as our engineering expertise, has allowed us to create durable products that stand up to whatever the elements throw at them. Our premium boat docks, boat lifts, and accessories are all made of dime-welded aluminum, which gives them lightweight durability to stand up to harsh conditions; they remain lightweight enough to be removed from the water when the season ends and when it becomes too icy to continue boating or spending time on the water. Unique ShoreMaster features like the QuickConnect Frame System, 5-sided dock legs, and accessories to make your dock safer and your boat easier to care for ensure that your waterfront remains a wonderful place to be as long as you’re able to spend time outdoors. Should you remove your dock for the season, it’s very easy to break it down into smaller, easily stackable pieces for storage and to get out and reconfigure again for the season as your needs change.

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However, our products aren’t merely practical. Our engineering prowess is matched by our attention to detail and aesthetics that makes our waterfront systems a great centerpiece to any shoreline. ShoreMaster’s boat dock systems have the greatest available number of dock accessories and options in the industry for everyone who loves to do what they love on the water. From different boat dock decking materials to canopy cover color options to dock furniture, you can ensure that the look of your dock matches your personal aesthetic and becomes a true extension of your home. Exclusive Curve frame sections and a huge variety of fun accessories mean that you can have a dock that truly reflects you rather than just serving as a walkway to your boat.

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ShoreMaster Dealers in the Green Bay Area

Whether you’re a fisher, boater, or some combination of these and more, ShoreMaster has boat docks and accessories designed to meet your needs. Our years of engineering and waterfront experience have made us an industry leader with premium products that stand the test of time and the elements. If you’re lucky enough to have a slice of the shoreline to call your own, it only makes sense that you’d want to outfit it with the best boat dock system in the industry.

ShoreMaster’s authorized dealers, including the ones in Green Bay, have the personalized knowledge of their local areas as well as ShoreMaster products that make them the perfect team to recommend products for your waterfront. Our Green Bay area dealers can help you find whatever you need to make your dream dock system and shoreline a reality.


Get in Touch with a Green Bay Dealer

You want to buy your boat lifts and boat docks from a dealer who knows the water just as well as you do, if not better. Furthermore, an authorized dealer will be able to offer their expertise on the products they sell, warranties, and other perks to buying a boat dock from just any store. When you’re buying the parts that will make up your waterfront, it’s worth doing your homework and looking into dealers that really know their stuff. Our Green Bay area dealers are ready to help you with the purchase and installation of your ShoreMaster dock system and every step in between and beyond.

Our customer support team, including Wisconsin Territory Sales Manager Tom Haberkorn, is sure to help you find the products and answers you need to start creating your dream waterfront. To learn more about ShoreMaster, explore our website and blog. You can also find and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. To get in touch with a Green Bay dealer, or a dealer wherever you call home, use our online contact form to reach out to the ShoreMaster team.




How do I find a ShoreMaster dealer near Green Bay, WI?

We can help you find one! Use our online contact form to give us the information we need to connect you to a ShoreMaster dealer near Green Bay, WI.

Does ShoreMaster offer installation services within the Green Bay region?

We do! All of our products have installation instructions available as PDF downloads on our site, you can get in touch with our waterfront experts for help over the phone, or you can work with your Green Bay region ShoreMaster dealer to arrange installation help.

What lift system is best for waterfronts within the Green Bay area?

Green Bay area waterfronts need a lift system that’s sturdy enough to stand up to seasonal weather conditions and seasonal installation and removal while being easy to move and take care of. This means that a lightweight sectional or wheel-in boat lift system might be a good fit for a lot of Green Bay waterfronts, although floating boat lifts might be better if your shoreline happens to be deeper. Your Green Bay ShoreMaster dealer can give you more specific advice for your waterfront.

What boat dock system is best for the Green Bay region?

You want a boat dock system that can stand up to seasonal rigors and challenges–this means inclement weather that can change quickly as well as the ability to stand up to years of installations and removals. You’re going to want a dock system constructed from high-quality, marine-grade materials like aluminum or polyethylene that’s designed by marine engineers that know about the impact of water on a dock. Something lightweight that’s easy to install and remove will also be a boon–think a sectional, wheel-in, or floating dock system, all of which are great fits for seasonal boaters for different kinds of reasons. Your Green Bay region ShoreMaster dealer can help you figure out what’s best for you.



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